Copper Sculpture by Keith Cote

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Copper Eagle

Blue Rage is proud to introduce Keith Cote and his Copper Creations

His copper sculptures are breathtaking, his craftsmanship precise, and his passion evident in speaking with him about his work. Keith puts his heart and soul in each of his creations. He thrives on feedback, and relishes every reaction to his work. When people are touched by his work, he is touched.

The Copper Eagle (shown at the top) is one of his proudest creations. His precise skill and attention to detail is evident in this grand piece.

Copper Wind Chime

Candelabra Moon

Keith has been working with copper for the past two decades, originally working with wire fashioning trees onto rocks. He soon started working with the larger materials that he is more recognized for now.

Keith is always challenging himself as in this Copper Wind Chime. It hit the notes he was searching for to create a musical masterpiece.

Keith is a native of New England, and now resides in Barnardsville. He was becoming established throughout numerous galleries in New England as a featured artist.

Sunshine Wall Hanging

His profession introduced him to his love of copper, where he learned it’s limitations, and possibilities. You can see the care he takes with each weld, and the limits he has pushed with his designs.

Quarter Moon Wall Hanging

Dancing Divas

He had also been a member of the Kittery Art Association before relocating to the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina with his wife and son.

Commissioned pieces are a favorite of Keith’s. He loves nothing more than when a client gives him a seed of an idea. With this he runs with the idea until it turns into a creation that speaks to him, and the client.

His whimsical side come out with some in some of his smaller pieces, making it easy for everyone to enjoy a piece of his copper creations. In each piece, Keith shows us his skill, love, and playfulness with copper.

If you are interested in a custom copper sculpture from Keith, please contact Blue Rage of Asheville with your idea’s and specifications at blue.rage at

Small Shooting Star

Shooting Star

  1. Nicely done, Raige ! Your site looks great, sophisticated, and so does the work! So proud of all you’re doing!

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